When I look back at my parents home, I don’t recall a single picture up on display. Not for lack of love or attention, but because my parents were so busy raising their two daughters, they didn’t realise how fast we were growing until I was already an established professional traveling around the world. 

My goal as a photographer is to celebrate and capture families and children at every stage while creating their very own artwork. No matter your age, there is no wrong time for a photography session. 

When behind the camera I believe in capturing photographs that help you feel comfortable in your own skin and appreciate your own life. Everyone can and deserves to have their best self immortalized in portrait.

Her Story

Livia Ramirez has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. For 6 years she sailed around the globe onboard a cruise ship going to amazing places while focusing on her favourite photography field: portraiture. 

As well as having a degree in photography she has been mentored by internationally renowned photographers truly developing her technical and personal skills.  

What she loves the most about portraiture is sharing her talent with others to create beautiful photographs and lasting memories . 

Livia captivates her guests with her warm personality, making them feel at home wherever they might be and providing an amazing and unforgettable experience. 

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