Hi there! I can't wait to hear from you and build your custom session together.  

My name is Livia (like Olivia without the O!) and I am a portrait photographer. We do things VERY differently at Livia Ramirez Photography and I always want to get to know my clients by speaking to them on the phone first. By filling out your details, I will call you back as soon as I am available! 

"I had not seen the video until just now.  You are SO
talented.  I cannot believe how incredible that video is. Do I get a
copy of that, too?  I just love it.  Maybe they could play it at my
funeral.  No, but seriously, would love a copy and also just kudos to
you for the lighting and for making me relaxed and for a video that is
better than what my wildest dreams imagined it could be.  WOW!!!!!!!"


"Had so much fun with Livia! She did some professional headshots for me which came out amazing. Livia made me feel super comfortable throughout our photoshoot, which was cool because I usually feel awkward when getting my photo taken. Would definitely recommend her! She does amazing work and you can tell that she is really passionate about what she does."


"Livia was a total professional and did an amazing job! I would highly recommend her services to anyone! She was such a blessing. So far, everyone is very friendly and helpful."


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